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From An Idea To A Reality — Meredith’s Perspective

Hi, I’m Meredith, co-creator of IN2GREAT ME! My journey in creating this game started long before we came up with the idea. Lila and Angie brought the idea up to me.

It started when I became the mom of a wonderful child with sensory needs. It has been a continuous journey from infancy, to toddlerhood, to preschool, to kindergarten, and so on. You get the idea.

Our children and their needs are constantly evolving and it is a learning process for everyone involved. In another entry, I will talk more about what our life was like prior to Lila’s SPD diagnosis and the years to follow. For now, I will share the process over the last few years.

One afternoon, I was picking Lila up from OT, and Lila and Angie both came out and said, “What do you think about creating a sensory integration game?”

I LOVED the idea!

Angie mentioned that she had been thinking about this for years and when Lila brought the idea up during their therapy session she thought it was the perfect opportunity. Lila could continue to work on her executive functioning skills and other goals during the process.

Lila has always been a girl who thinks outside of the box. Creating this game would be a perfect opportunity for her to expand on her creativity, help others, and continue to grow as an individual.

Lila and Angie worked on the scenarios, strategies, and DO IT! cards during their sessions, and Angie and I would continue working on the cards as well. There was a lot of research and personal experience that went into creating this game.

Coming up with the scenarios, strategies, and DO IT! Cards actually turned out to be the easy part. Who would have thought that trying to find the perfect peg would be such a challenge? It finally came down to Angie and I having a tooling device created to be the exact size, shape, and color that we were looking for.

Our initial intention was to have the main character on the game board resemble Lila as much as possible. We explored that route with a caricature artist, but unfortunately, the result was not what we were hoping for.

We then found a graphic design artist who we clicked with right away. She is spunky, knowledgeable and so easy to work with. We spent many hours creating the size and shape of the game board and finding the perfect characters and images for the game box and for the main box.

I’m so thankful for Angie and all of her connections! Starting up a new company is so overwhelming (especially when your background is in audiology and there is no business background).

We then connected with some wonderful people out in California to help us continue our journey to make our idea a reality.

I can’t wait to watch more and more children play our game. If you know some families who might benefit from our game, we would really appreciate you spreading the word. Thanks and stay tuned for more posts!


  • Annette Aerenson Posted November 9, 2021 3:05 am

    We had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday at Tivoli Village, please send us your contact information at [email protected]. I can also be reached at 302-218-6066 thank you so much, we loved meeting you yesterday

    • socrates Posted November 19, 2021 9:34 pm


      It was great to meet you too! I can be reached at 847-877-5089. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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